My name is Natalia and I want to tell you a story how a small beauty salon, a big dream and hard work gave rise to a multidimensional company in the Health and Beauty sector, Spa Concept project being part of it.

Twenty one years ago when there were only several beauty salons around in Tbilisi (Georgia) and number of professionals in the beauty industry as well as representatives of quality products were even less, I made a decision to create a project that would meet my needs as a customer, taking into account that I am a very demanding customer.

Throughout this time, we have worked hard, kept up-to-date with the global trends, explored new partnerships, made mistakes and gained experience, generated and realized ideas and as a result, created a wide range of beauty treatments for our clients.

At present, our company is managing Natali Group and three major projects:

  • Spa Concept (Consulting group in Spa and Beauty industry)
  • Wellness Lab (Beauty and Health Center)
  • Anti Age Clinic (Esthetic & laser medicine center), the leader of Health and Beauty sector in Georgia.

Next, you get a chance to become more familiar with our projects and services. Stay healthy and beautiful with us.



Consulting group in Spa and Beauty industry
  • Spa Project planning
    (hotels, resorts, private houses, mono-salons and etc)
  • Idea and Spa design
  • Spa materials and full pack of equipment



Beauty and Health Center which incorporates
  • Beauty Salon
  • Natali Day Spa by Germaine de Capuccini
  • Solarium Club
  • Luxury interior, modern equipment…



Esthetic & laser medicine center
  • New technologies in medicine and cosmetology
  • Full spectrum of services in the field of beauty, youth and health care
  • High quality professionals




The first beauty salon of the company was opened in year 1995, at present Natali Group includes chain of Beauty Salons, esthetic and laser medicine center Anti age clinic, Community college Natali Academy, consulting group in Spa and Beauty SPA Concept and Distribution Company represented on the local market just with European high quality products.

Now we can say that Natali Group is leading company in Beauty industry in Georgia, but in the beginning neither founder Natalia Toloraia nor her colleagues could not imagine that company become from one beauty salon in a big group holding different companies and projects. This is a result of hard work and belief in dream. And today, Natali Group is the synonym of Professionalism, high quality service, comfort and stability. Who even once truth us and come to get service, stays as our faithful client for a long time.


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